The Fall of Anakin Skywalker: How I think it should have happened.

1 Aug

Anakin image from Wookiepedia

Yes, the prequels were disappointing for many reasons, but one of the things that really bugged me was that Anakin’s fall came out of nowhere.  I mean, there were things that led up to them, but they were of a magnitude to make him a little depressed for a while, but not turn evil forever.  And then he jumped to super evil all of a sudden.

So, since I’m a nerd, I came up with this alternate story:

Anakin is a rock star Jedi.  Yoda didn’t want to take him on (at, like, 15, not 6), but Obi-Wan said he’d train him, and it looks like he was right.  The two of them go around kicking ass in the Clone Wars (which is about something interesting, not trade treaties).  But when Anakin meets Padme, Senator Palpatine’s political prodigy, they fall in love.  Yoda says he has to choose between the Jedi Order and Padme, and he, to everyone’s surprise, chooses Padme.

He leaves the Order and settles down on Naboo.  Soon they have a son (just one) and he’s happy as can be, although he is a little antsy when he hears about what’s going on in the Galaxy, with chaos in the Senate and Palpatine (who’s still a family friend) gaining power.

Obi Wan visits and sees that although Anakin loves his family, he still has that taste for adventure.  He goes back to the Jedi Council and says they might be able to get him back.  They try getting him involved in some problem (go defeat this badguy or something), which Anakin enjoys, but at the end, the badguy’s friends retaliate by attacking Anakin’s home on Naboo (perhaps Palpatine told the badguys where to find him).  Padme survives, but their son is killed.

This is the tragedy that makes Anakin vulnerable to the dark side.  But Palpatine doesn’t just recruit him here; he starts a long period of psychological torture.  For months, he torments Anakin with nightmares and visions, making Anakin’s grief even worse and confusing him until he doesn’t know right from wrong.  When Palpatine teaches him some Dark Side techniques and suggests he uses them to get revenge on the badguys, Anakin feels the power of the Dark Side and likes it.

Padme finds out she’s pregnant again, but Anakin is acting so strangely, she doesn’t tell him.  Palpatine draws him into deeper and deeper acts, until finally Padme doesn’t feel safe and runs to Obi Wan.  That’s when Obi Wan confronts him, peacefully at first, but Anakin accuses Obi Wan of seducing Padme and things become violent.  And from there, the fateful duel where Anakin is terribly injured, Palpatine saves him, and it’s easy now for Palpatine to bind Anakin to him.

So, then, later, when he learns about Luke, he’s going to feel very conflicted.  He’ll remember the pain of his first son’s death, and want to protect him.  But he’s bound to Palpatine, and knows what he’s done with this life.  Finally, it’s that love for his two sons that will lead him to sacrifice himself to save Luke, and therefore redeem himself as a Jedi.

So that’s my theory.  What do you think?


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