My thoughts from Downton Abbey last night

28 Jan

(spoilers, natch).

Wow, Daisy is treating Ivy just how Mrs. Pattmore treated her.  And Mrs. P is all “why are you so mean?”  I learned it from watching you!

That was the tenderest clock-winding I’ve ever seen.

They are spending more effort containing the contagion of Ethel’s prostitution than they ever did for the Spanish Flu.

What is it about Bates that makes everyone instantly hate him and wish him dead?  To the point that Vera was willing to KILL HERSELF over it (and what the hell kind of plan is that?  I’ll kill myself, and then frame my husband for it, and when he goes to prison and is executed, I…win?  I guess?)

I’m totally rooting for Edith now.  I hated her at first, but now she’s awesome.  Go Edith! Redacted for reasons outlined below.

And when did Lord Grantham go from being a good, if imperfect, man to someone who can’t find his ass with both hands and a map?

But that’s not what this episode was about, was it?  As soon as the Dr. Clarkson and Sir Phillip plot started, I knew it was going to end with Dr. Clarkson being right.  We all did.  But then he said eclampsia and I was all, how is this going to work?  (After all, I saw that ER episode.)

Oh.  That’s how it’s going to work.

I actually couldn’t watch that scene.  I kept jumping up and going out of the room, and then peeking back in, and then going back out.  It was just too upsetting.

Maggie Smith showed everyone how it’s done, though.  Just that scene where she walked into Downton.  We didn’t even see her face.  Greatness.

So now I’m afraid to like anybody on this show, for fear that they’re going to snuff it.  I may have just condemned poor Edith.  I’m going to take that part out.

Did they even name the baby?


2 Responses to “My thoughts from Downton Abbey last night”

  1. Stefanie Dowell January 28, 2013 at 9:08 am #

    I didn’t get weepy until Cora sat with her child and we watched as a mother’s heart broke. Then Maggie Smith walked in and I was a mess. I, too, was wondering what has happened to Lord Grantham’s brain. He doesn’t seem to be using it, and there’s no reason. I’m curious to see where the family goes as the season progresses.

    • marymascari January 28, 2013 at 9:39 am #

      Yeah, that line “you’ll always be my baby,” while probably trite, still holds true. Through the death scene, I was just horrified and upset. The scene with Cora is where I actually cried.

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