Halloween Timey-Wimey

31 Oct

The Other Day was Halloween

Our city does official Trick or Treating on the Sunday before Halloween every year.  In some ways, it’s definitely a better choice: there’s no hurrying home from work, it’s all during daylight hours, and the kids are in bed–albeit sugared up–on time.

But there are a few down sides, too.

For one thing, my kids don’t get that spooky experience of being out in the dark in your costume, certain that real spirits are floating around, and only your costume is keeping you safe.  When my brother and I were kids, we’d always do one round right after school, and then another one after dinner when my dad got home from work.  We must have been out for hours.  We always came home with pillowcases literally full of candy.

And then we’d sit in front of the TV, gorging ourselves on Bottle Caps and Milk Duds, and watch this until we had stomachaches:

My kids were done trick or treating by 3:00 in the afternoon, and although we watched The Great Pumpkin, there was no special, spooky feeling.

The other problem with having Halloween on Sunday is that it feels like it’s over already.

Many years ago, we attempted to balance our different family Christmas schedule by holding our own Christmas morning a few days early, before we all scattered to our other families for actual Christmas.  We woke up and exchanged presents in our pajamas*, just as if it were December 25.  But when we went out for brunch afterwards, we were all surprised when no one else was as full of Christmas spirit as we were.  Of course, for them, it was December 22 or whatever.

I’m doing something similar now with Halloween.  I keep having to remind myself that Halloween isn’t over yet.  After all, the boys have two more Halloween parties this week.  I just have to resist taking down my ghost luminaries until the weekend.

*Except my brother, who has always insisted on showering and dressing before opening presents.  I’m certain he started this habit just to vex me when I was impatient to start opening presents.


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